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Amina Aliyu

The Importance of Water for Your Health

There really is no surprise that water continues to be a staple in our everyday lifestyle - both the healthiest of the healthy and the unhealthiest of the unhealthy. Scientists have proven that our bodies are made up of 70% water which requires daily (or hourly, really) replenishing in order to stay on top of their health and happiness. Read More

Amina Aliyu

How to be Your Absolute Best Self

It’s safe to say that being who we truly are is difficult sometimes, especially when we don’t surround ourselves with the right group of people. Being ourselves can be very hard for some of us, but being our best self is even harder. Read More

Amina Aliyu

The Power of Gratitude in Your Life

When we were younger, we were taught to say “thank you” for everything. Our parents instilled in us the idea that whenever someone does something for you, gives you something, etc… that you must always say “thank you” in return. Read More

Integrative Nutrition

5 Foods That Are Surprisingly High In Fiber

When it comes to fiber, there are more ways to eat them than just chomping on some prunes. (Which also totally might not be your thing to begin with.) Read More