Coach GP

The Importance of Water for Your Health

There really is no surprise that water continues to be a staple in our everyday lifestyle - both the healthiest of the healthy and the unhealthiest of the unhealthy. Scientists have proven that our bodies are made up of 70% water which requires daily (or hourly, really) replenishing in order to stay on top of their health and happiness.

But it is probably safe to say that a majority of our society does not know what the importance of water is in their diets (mostly because of their love for chocolates and sweets). So what exactly can water do for you and your body when you take in the appropriate amount daily?

There are so many great benefits  of water, but I want to touch on 3 that I think are very important to your overall health.

1. Water can help cure angina.

You’re probably asking what angina is, and that is absolutely a fair question. Angina is a lack of water in the lungs/heart. This can sound scary, but it is also very treatable. Of course a doctor’s supervision is highly recommended for any type of treatment of a medical issue, but if you start by increasing your water intake, you can help get on track for curing the angina that plagues your body.

2. Water can help cure migraines.

Migraines plague a great deal of our population on a daily basis, and many people cannot find relief in the form of medicine or therapy treatment. However, a little  unknown fact about migraines is that they are caused by a need for water in the brain and/or eyes.

The next time you find yourself plagued with a migraine, try drinking a glass of water and see if the headache decreases. And, to keep migraines at bay, increase your water intake on a regular basis. This could be the solution you have been looking for!

3. Water can help prevent and cure early adult-onset diabetes.

Another major health issue that is caused by severe dehydration is adult-onset diabetes. Research has shown that 90% of adults who have diabetes have type-2 diabetes, which is a direct result of severe dehydration in the body.

By increasing your water intake, you can potentially reverse the early stages of diabetes that may come on as an adult.

The benefits of water do not stop with these three discussed here. There are so many more reasons why water is important to your health - you cannot go wrong with a tall glass of water during your day! However, there are certain aspects of water intake that should be applauded for the healing  that occurs after consuming water on a regular basis.

So put down the soda, tea, or coffee and grab a glass of water instead - you never know what you might be preventing in your future by drinking that glass of  water instead. Remind yourself that by drinking that glass of water, you are either preventing a future health issue or treating  a current health issue without even knowing it. Now that is some powerful liquid!