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Sugar Cravings and What You Can Do About Them

Trying to lose weight? Thinking about the next round of medicine you have to take for your Type 2 Diabetes, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol? If not you, does someone you know deal with these problems? Then you’ve come to the RIGHT spot! Welcome!

Sugar cravings can lead to much more dire consequences than many realize. As mentioned in the previous message from this series, there are much better alternatives to refined sugar that you can use to satisfy sugar cravings (Agave Necture, raw honey, maple syrup, etc…).

My motto has always been “Prevention is Better than Cure”. Why get sick from something we can prevent when Allah (God) has given us the ability to prevent it in the first place?

Now that we’ve established exactly what sugar IS, we must discuss what sugar cravings ARE and WHY they occur in our bodies. Without understanding both of these concepts, you will not be able to effectively identify when you’re having a sugar craving so you can appropriately satisfy it!

Optimal Health is our number one goal, so we want to understand how to identify a sugar craving and stop it and prevent it from even starting! The benefits of not being at the mercy of your sugar cravings are improved mood and more stable blood sugar levels. And in conjunction with these positive effects of preventing sugar cravings, you also experience the loss of bloating, excess weight, exhaustion, diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. They go hand in hand.

Because I have learned that I have complete power and control over my own health, the hereditary health concerns I once had have diminished. I have realized that I can control my own health and not fall victim to chronic diseases. But, I had to take one simple step of learning about the food I put in my mouth before I was able to really hold strong to this concept.

To control your sugar cravings, you must understand what they are first. The cravings are just the way the body asks for energy. We think we’re craving refined sugar, but in actuality we could satisfy the need for energy by choosing a healthier alternative.

When your blood sugar drops to a lower level than normal, your body knows to ask for more energy so you can get back to a normal blood sugar level. In order to maintain a healthy level of blood sugar, eat the healthier foods that can maintain your blood sugar all day long rather than waiting for the “alarm” to go off and signal an emergency.

In order to get that sweet taste we think we’re craving with candy bars and ice cream, we simply need to reach for whole plant foods (they were the original source for the sweet taste that processed food has taken over now).

The best way to reduce and stop intense sugar cravings is to provide your body with sweetness regularly by eating naturally sweet whole foods! It’s that simple.

My journey started by looking for answers for my own health transformation, and in return I have found that sharing the information I have learned is exactly what I have to do!

Now, it’s up to you what you do with the information! What action are you going to take to get started?